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At American Seal & Packing we know Grafoil® flexible graphite. Since we began in 1989 by intruducing power plant and refinery customers to this new innovative product. It was ideal for the replacement of asbestos packing, and it sealed better. It was a brave new world.

Today, we sell Grafoil® flexible graphite to a wide range of industries. From Aerospace and Automotive to Refining and Power Generation. Grafoil® especially excells in problem applications such as High heat and volital organic compound containment.

Volital Organic Compounds such as chloroflourocarbons, benzene, methane chloride, Perchloroethylene and MTBE, can all be sealed with Grafoil® Flexible Graphite. Of course so can a rocket engine, or your engines exhaust.

Grafoil® is available in a wide range of shapes and configurations. With the additions of metal end caps, wire, or carbon fibers, Grafoil® can now be used in applications it previously was not capable of alone. The pressure containment capabilities have been increased, custom valve sets have been designed to provide the tightest sealing product available on earth. A lttle engineering is a marvelous thing.

On the right side of this page you can see some of the various types of Flexible Graphite sets we provide. Let us supply the perfect Grafoil® set for your applications.


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GRAFOIL® is a registered trademark of GrafTech International Holdings Inc

American Seal & Packing, Inc., Santa Ana, CA 92705