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Fiberglass Tadpole Tape

Rope - Tape - Drop Warp - Cloth Rolls

As a seal specialty company high temperature fiberglass, cloth, rolls, and tapes are an important part of our product mix. For high temperture applications up to 1000 F fiberglass works for sealing air and sealing in heat.

Fiberglass Tape

Fiberglass tapes most common application is wrapping pipes. As a saftey precaution hot surfaces such as a pipe, heat exchanger or muffler, can be wrapped to protect anyone from getting burned.

FiberglassTadpole Tape

Often used on funace doors, growth chambers, incubators, heaters, ovens, boilers, anywhere the objective is to keep the heat in. We offer tadpole tapes in EPTFE (for clean service to 500 F), Fiberglass to 1000 F and Silica to 2300 F.

ConventionalDouble TailTangentail Tail TadpoleRound Tail Tadpole

Drop Warp Tape

Drop warp is simply fiberglass, or silica tape with bolt holes stiched into the tape to make installation in flanges easier.

If we can help you with fiberglass tape, tadpole, drop warp or rolls of cloth, please call.

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