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Manufacturers we represent
Flow Serve, Borg Warner, Durametallic, AST, Utex Industries, JM Clipper, Sepco, Donex, DX Seal, Flex-a-Seal, Pure Flex,  Parker, Leader Gasket, Burgmann.

Though trading partners we can also offer Flexitallic, Garlock, A.W. Chesterton, Anchor, and other major brands.

Products we offer
Mechanical seals, cartridge seals, engineered shaft seals, water pump shaft seals, braided pump packing, PTFE machined extruded or molded, rubber gasketing spiral wound gaskets, Cut Gaskets, o-rings, Viton®, gasket materials, lip seals, gaskets, full face, ring, tadpole tapes, silica, PTFE , EPTFE, PFA, GRAFOIL® flexible graphite, molded rubber, Injectable pump packing, expansion joints, die formed packing, cut gaskets and industrial seals of all types. From Viton® Gaskets to GRAFOIL® Seals, and from PTFE resin O-rings to PTFE.









Gasket Materials

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