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Gasket Materials

A Gasket materials primary purpose is to seal any irregular surfaces including waviness, pitting, scratches or poor tolerancing. If two perfectly flat surfaces are maintained, a seal can be created without any gasket material. Gaskets fix poor tolerancing. We offer a full range of Non-asbestos, PTFE, Mica and Flexible Graphite styles, equals to Gylon. Branded gasket material like FMI, Garlock, and Thermoseal are generally the best quality gasket materials and provide tracability.

Flexible Graphite Sheet

Flexible Graphite

Mica Gasket Micatherm


Gylon Equal

HS10 Biaxial PTFE

We offer both branded and unbranded gasketing materials. The needs and priorities of each gasket material customer varies. Often in applications such as water generic materials are acceptable.


Each manufacturer of gasket material has strengths and weaknesses. Be it availblity, cost, sealability rating, or specifiic material rating. Allow us to a guide you when choosing the best material for your application. Over our over 30 years as a gasket material and gasket distributor, we have sold all the following manufacturers products.

Gasket Manufacturers we offer or cross reference:

Country of Manufacture
Teadit Brazil
Durlon Canada
Garlock Mexico & USA (North American)
JM No longer produced under this brand
Dxseal Slovania / Brazil
FMI Italy
Lamons India


Non-Asbestos Gasket Materials
FMI Flexseal 280 1/16"
59" x 59" x 0625"


Non-Asbestos Gasket Materials
FMI Flexseal 280 1/8"
59" x 59" x .125"

We understand Thermoseal makes the majority of their sheet off shore and a few high end sheet gasket materials in the Ohio.

To identify what gasket material you need to use in your gasketing application several things must be considered. Most importantly, what are your sealing? The gasket material must be compatible with the fluid or gas your are sealing. Secondly what temperature is the fluid or gas, and not just the running temperature, but what is the worst case scenerio. High or low, if the temperature is not compatible with your gasket material, your will have a inexpensive part causing a major expense.

Thirdly, what type of pressure is invloved? If there is very little pressure a material with very little tensile strength and minimal pressure will hold up. The higher the pressure, the higher the tensile strength of the gasket material and the higher the bolt load is required to maintain the seal.

Gasket Pressure and temperature combined must be considered. A gasket material can be fine for either a given pressure or a given temperature, but if you have that same application with both high pressure and high temperature, be aware something can blow. Many materials are rated with a P x T rating (usually non-asbestos gasket material). Some gasket materials like Flexible Graphite (Grafoil®) can be combined with metal to increase pressure resistance.

Over compression of gasket materials is a common problem with metal gaskets which have mechanically designed recovery built into the gasket. Over compression removes the gasket materials ability to recover. Many materials such as non-asbestos compressed gasket materials and beater addition gasket materials contain elastomers in the mix of material they are produced from, making them gasket materials that are difficult to over compress.




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