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We supply Mechanical Seals,and Pump Seals in single spring, multiple spring, metal bellows, cartridge and split cartridge designs.

Mechanical Seals

Split mechanical seal
High Temp Metal Bellows Seal
Metal Bellows Mechanical Seal
Single Spring mechanical Seal
Mechanical Seal with lock collar
Roten Style Mechanical Seal
Single Mechanical Cartridge Seal
Wave Spring Mechanical Seal
Split Mechanical Seal
Cartridge Seal Repair
Durametallic Style Seal
Double Cartridge Seals
ASP-Type-8 Mechanical Seal
Multi-Springs Mechanical Seal
Single Spring Cartrige Mechanical Seal

Quality mechanical seals are the best value.

Buying mechanical seals by price will always come back to haunt you and will cost you more money in the long run. Actually, the majority of the cost of replacing a mechanical seal is usually in the down time and labor involved much more so than the mechanical seal itself.

In todays mechanical seal market there are the big three: John Crane, Flow Serve and A.W. Chesterton in the United States. Burgmann of Germany. The primary business for these companies are the refineries. Each of the above offer quality seals, using the best of materials.

Many of our customers ask about converting to mechanical seals from braided compression packing. While packing seals most leakage it must leak to function, otherwise, it burns up (with the possible exception of flexible graphite). Mechanical seals will leak only a vapor rather than 6 drips per minute (minimal). Mechanical seals are more expensive on the outset, but long term are often the most economical choice.

The our market for mechanical seals is general industrial plants. This includes everything from oil production, power generation, waste water, chemical, breweries, cosmetic plants, any manufacturing that moves and liquid including, oil, gas, water, chemicals, beverages, cooling fluids, process fluids, foods etc. Applications for mechanical seals range from the simple to the complex.

This is where AS&P excels. Because we have not only our own line but also have access to AST, Delta, Sepco, Utex, Latty, Vulcan and other lines our capabilities are huge. All of these companies make quality seals using quality materials. There are some common designs, which allows us to shop pricing and delivery giving our customers the best most available mechanical seal for their money.

The third market level is the most expensive.. Cheap seals. Buying mechanical seals is not like most items. Installing a seal, the down time involved, the lost production time and the cost of the mechanical seal must be considered. The majority of the time the seal price is the least of these costs. So, why to people buy cheap import knock offs? It’s easy to get lured into a bargain, but please consider the life expectancy of the seal. Inferior seal faces (carbon for example), look the same as CNFJ or other quality grades of carbon. 304Stainless looks like 316, it easy to cheapen seals that still look good.

Mechanical Seals

Creating a mechanical seal with two flat faces and secondary seals did not happen till about 1905. Often considered a bit of a mystery they actually are quite simple. All mechanical seals utillize 2 incredibly flat faces (2-3 light bands) that are pressed together by an energizer (usually a spring of some sort). One mechanical seal face turns and one remains stationary. The seal faces are the primary seals.

Mechanical seals must have secondary seals

Secondary seals include o-rings, rubber bellows, ptfe wedges, flexible graphite wedges and gaskets. The secondary seals for your mechanical seal will generally be made of rubber (nitrle, buna-n, EPDM, Neoprene, PTFE, FKM, Viton, Kalrez) o-rings or gaskets.

Installation of Mechanical seals

50% of mechanical seal failures are due to poor installation. If the seal is a basic rotory and stationary type seal, they can be over compressed or undercompressed if the rotary is not positioned correctly.

Cartidge Mechanical seals

Are the solution. To prevent the problems associated with seal installation mechanical seals are available in single units called Cartridge seals. Cartridge Seals include: Rotary, Stationary, Secondary Seals, Sleeve, Gland and Lock Collar.

Mechanical Seal Manufacturers we represent:
AST, Delta Seals, Latty, Flow Serve (Durametallic), Sepco, Utex Industries, Vulcan, AS&P .

Though trading partners we can also offer Eagle Burgmann, Garlock, A.W. Chesterton, and other major brands.

Products we offer:
Mechanical Shaft Seals, Cartridge Seals, Split Cartridge Seals, In-line Seals, Multi-spring seals, Engineered Shaft Seals, and Pump shaft seals.



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