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Grafoil® Flexible Graphite

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We supply Grafoil® Flexible Graphite.
Available in: Cut Gaskets, O-Rings, Die Formed Graphite Rings, Die Formed Packing, Braided Packing, Tape, Sheet Gasket Material, Valve Packing, High Temperature Industrial Seals.

Grafoil tape
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Grafoil® Flexible Graphite begins as graphite flake which is chemically expanded and then rolled into sheets. Those Grafoil® sheets are then stripped into tape or rolled and cut into gasket material (which we cut gaskets from) or packing. The tape form is often used to make die formed rings buy wrapping the Grafoil® around a mandrel and then forming it with a die. Grafoil® cannot be machined.

custom Grafoil parts

Because Grafoil® is so conformable it takes on the shape of any opposing flange which is why it seals so very well. With it's 0-14 ph capability it's compatible with most chemicals. From a temperature standpoint Grafoil© is also very flexible. Compatible with Cold (-400 F) to very hot (5400 F in Non-oxydizing atmosphere).850 F in oxydizing atmosphere. Grafoil® is also available in Oxidation resistant grades offering 975 F rateing.


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