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EPTFE (Expanded PTFE) is a Universal sheet EPTFE Gasket material for most services. Gaskets cut from this Seal rough and irregular surfaces. Made from biaxial oriented expanded PTFE sheeting that is laminated to the required thickness. Seals of up to 3000+psi can be achieved depending on the flange type & design and type of media being sealed. Chemically resistant over the 0-14 pH range. Specific gravity: 4 to 6. Suitable for temperatures to 600F.

Expanded PTFE Gasket Sheeting

Expanded PTFE Sheet:


Expanded PTFE Gasket Material
12"x12"x 1/16"


Expanded PTFE Gasket Material
12"x12"x 1/8"
Order Other Sheet Sizes

Our EPTFE gasket material  is manufactured by expanding 100% virgin PTFE using a proprietary process that produces a uniform and highly fibrillated microstructure with equal tensile strength in all directions. The resulting product exhibits characteristics significantly different than conventional PTFE sheet. EPTFE  is much softer and more flexible than regular PTFE sheet gasketing and thus conforms easily to irregular and rough surfaces. In addition, the gasket material is easier to compress and minimizes creep and cold flow.


Our EPTFE  is an all purpose gasket material  that can replace all other types of PTFE sheet. It will seal all aggressive chemicals over the entire 0-14 pH range except for molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine. Made from 100% virgin PTFE, Our EPTFE gasket material not only resists chemical attack, but it will not contaminate or discolor end products. These industries currently use expanded PTFE gasket material.:


Food and Beverage



General Chemical

Iron and Steel Manufacturing


Power generation

Pulp and paper

Temperature Limits:
-450°F (-268°C)
600°F (315°C)
pH: 0-14 (except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine)
ASTM Line Call Out ASTM F 104
Color White
Available Sheet Sizes
1/32”, 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”
    Sheet Size
60” x 60”

Available in 1/32", 1/16", 1/8", and 1/4"

Expanded PTFE is also available on a roll as Joint Sealant.

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When it comes to cutting EPTFE gaskets there are several ways to get the job done. Traditional "clicker presses" are great for larger quantity jobs and have been the standard in the industry for years. The biggest down side to using clicker presses is tooling must be made to produce a gasket, the second is the tolerance. Just as CNC lathes revolutionized the machining industry, laser cutters, flash cutters and water jet are all computer controled ways of cutting a gasket with out the need for tooling or dies. A laser cuts PTFE and EPTFE like butter with a close tolerance clean cut.

Laser Gasket Cutting


Specialized sealing products like Grafoil® flexible graphite, FKM, Ameri-lon®, and more common materials for cut gaskets like: PTFE, filled PTFE, FKM, Viton®, silicone, rubber, buna, EPDM, cork, fish paper, vegetable fiber, and non-asbestos Cut Gaskets.

If you have a cut gasket application that requires more than traditional solutions, let our team of cut gasket professionals help.

Manufacturers we represent

Innertex, JM Clipper, Sepco, FMI-Spa, Utex Industries, Leader Gasket, Teadit.

Though trading partners we can also offer Flexitallic, Garlock, A.W. Chesterton, W.L. Gore, and other major brands.

Cut Gaskets 

Fill the gap between two objects, generally to prevent leakage between the two objects while under compression. Cut Gaskets save money by allowing less precise mating surfaces on machine parts which can use Cut Gaskets to fill irregularities.

Gaskets are commonly produced by cutting from sheet Cut Gaskets, such as gasket paper (beater addition), Non-asbestos, Rubber, EPDM, Nitrile, Buna, Neoprene, Flexible Graphite, Grafoil®, Aflas, Kalrez®, Viton®, Silicone, Metal, Mica, Felt or a plastic polymer such as (PTFE), Peek, Urethane, or Ethylene Propylene (EP).  In the past, the Cut Gaskets selected for specific applications may contain have contained asbestos.

It is usually desirable that the gaskets be made from a material that is compressible such that it tightly fills the space it is designed for, including any slight irregularities. EPTFE is exceptional at this requireing a far less load to create a seal.

The most common misconception when selecting a Cut Gasketss thickness is to choose a Cut Gaskets that is too thick. The thicker the material the more likely the material being contained can weep through the pores of the Cut Gaskets itself. This is a greater issue with some materials than others.  A rule of thumb is to have the material thick enough to compensate for any surface face irregularities and to permit some compression.  The required compression for your EPTFE Cut Gaskets will depend many factors including:

1)Gasket Surface area

2)Pressure on the gasket

3)Size of bolts (assuming bolts are being used)

4)Number of bolts used to compress the Expanded PTFE

5)Condition of the bolts

6)Lubrication on the bolts

All must be considered when determining torque.  Torque data must be determined using all of the above and should be provided by an engineer. American Seal & Packing can provide the M & Y data that will allow your engineer to determine the required torque for your custom gasket. We can offer recommended torque load on standard ANSI or API flange ( Ring or Full Face gaskets).

Over compression of Cut Gaskets is a common problem. Over compression removes the Cut Gaskets ability to recover. This is also true of expanded PTFE, once over compressed it will have no recovery and therefore will not longer adapt to maintain a seal. 

The common strategy of "The more compressive load exerted on the gasket, the longer it will last" is generally true of elastomeric materials since elastomers (rubbers) are not compressible but deflect compression.  EPTFE does not function like an elastomer. It does not have 100% recovery like homogenous rubber. It can be over compressed. Many materials such as non-asbestos compressed Cut Gasketss and beater addition (ie; Armstrong) materials contain elastomers in the mix of material they are produced from, making them difficult to over compress. Non-asbestos materials commonly recover at 7 -17%.

One of the more desirable properties of an effective Cut Gaskets in industrial applications is the ability to withstand high compressive loads. Most industrial gasket applications involve bolts exerting compression well into the 14 MPa (2000 psi) range or higher. This is why Non-asbestos Cut Gaskets are so widely used in industrial Cut Gaskets applications.

American Seal & Packing Cuts Gaskets of all types, Including: EPTFE, PTFE, compressed non-asbestos, vegetable fiber, beater add, cork, and various rubbers - Nitrile, Buna-N, SBR, EPDM, FKM, Hypalon, Aflas®, natural rubber, closed cell, open cell, Neoprene, GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite and other "soft goods". Gaskets can be cut based on your drawing or sample of the gasket you desire. Basic I.D x O.D shapes can be cut by hand however most gaskets require a die. Gasket materials are available in rolls or on pallets depending on type and quantity. Name brands we can provide include; Klinger, Johns Manville, RM, Detroit, Utex and GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite among other gasket styles. So, if you want a cut gasket or gasket material so you can cut your own, we can help.

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