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Cut Gaskets

When it comes to cutting gaskets there are several ways to get the job done.

Traditional "clicker presses" are great for larger quantity jobs and have been the standard in the industry for years. The biggest down sides to using clicker presses is tooling must be made to produce a gasket and the loose tolerance they maintain.

Just as CNC lathes revolutionized the machining industry, laser cutters, routers and water jet are all computer controlled ways of cutting a gasket with out the need for tooling or dies.

Laser Cut Gaskets

Specialized sealing products like Grafoil® flexible graphite, FKM, Ameri-lon®, and more common materials for cut gaskets including: PTFE, filled PTFE (HS10 and Skived), Expanded PTFE, Mica, Micatherm, FKM, Viton®, silicone, rubber, buna, EPDM, cork, fish paper, vegetable fiber, and non-asbestos gasket materials are all available.

If you have an application that takes more than traditional solutions, let our team of professionals help.

Manufacturers we represent:
FMI-SPA, Durlon, Sepco, Thermoseal, Klinger, Leader Gasket,
Utex Industries, NeoGraf Solutions, LLC(Grafoil), AS&P.

Though trading partners we can also offer Armstrong, Flexitallic, Garlock, A.W. Chesterton, Interface Solutions, W.L. Gore and other major brands.





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